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Ever wondered if you will find hockey leagues that rival the NHL when it comes to talent, viewership, and fan-base? Well, for those who have, this segment ought to be only for you.

It’s broadly known that gamers from around the globe flock towards the NHL for a opportunity to win The almighty Stanley’s Cup and experience probably the greatest hockey stages around The United States. However, hockey isn’t a phenomenon that’s exclusive exclusively to The United States as numerous European leagues like the SEL, KHL, and SM-liiga have proven that they’re quite skilled at developing gifted hockey gamers that may succeed at any level.

Here’s my introduction to the very best ten best hockey leagues all over the world:

10.) American Hockey League (AHL)
- The American Hockey League helps make the list since it is normally the last stop a developing prospect has before they arrive using the large league club within the NHL. Usually, NHL teams will determine if a prospect is prepared for that NHL once they have finished a specific amount of worldwide play or competition within a North American league. As the American Hockey League isn’t a hot-place for prospects to operate to, the league does a very respectable job of preparing youthful talent for that NHL.

By 2010-2011, every NHL team has already established an affiliation by having an AHL team and also the league is constantly on the provide quality coaching for rising NHL talent.

9.) Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) – The QMJHL weighs in at in at No. 9 because the league has shipped QMJHL hockey leaguesignificant talent towards the NHL. NHL Hall of Famers for example Mario Lemieux, Mike Bossy, and Patrick Roy all performed in &ldquoThe Q&rdquo coupled with spectacular careers within the NHL. In the current day, gamers for example Sidney Crosby represent newer QMJHL alumni which have renedered a significant effect on the NHL.

From the three major junior hockey leagues, the QMJHL is famous most for getting gamers with immense offensive prowess. As the QMJHL is probably not noted for creating quality defensemen, the league is certainly probably the most exciting junior hockey leagues in Canada. Recently, gamers for example Mikhail Grigorenko, Nathan MacKinnon, and Jonathan Huberdeau (to title a couple of) happen to be featuring their talent in &ldquoThe Q&rdquo to exhibit that they’re worth an NHL roster place.

Despite the fact that some detractors may reference the QMJHL’s insufficient defensive play, the league has taken the Memorial Cup trophy 3 occasions since 2000 and stays probably the most exciting leagues for hockey in The United States.

8.) National League A (NLA) – Located in Europe, the National League A may be the top tier of these two tier Swiss hockey league, using the other to be the National League B. The NLA had the very best attendance figures for European hockey clubs this year and a part of which was certainly because of hockey club SC Bern and it is spacious (17,131 capacity) home, PostFinance-Arena.

The NLA includes 12 teams that play a total of fifty games in a season, using the top eight teams being approved for that 2010 nfl playoffs. The underside four teams within the standings get thrust into a consolation bracket of sorts and also the top team in the National League B is offered a opportunity to vie for NLA inclusion. Within the last decade, the league has witnessed a quantity of clubs win multiple titles, but HC Davos has clearly centered your competition by winning 5 titles since 2001.

The league has experienced a a few different champions through the years and also the attendance rates for that NLA claim that similar to us in The United States, individuals Swiss love their hockey (and cheese).

7.) Ontario Hockey League (OHL) – The Ontario Hockey League has a status, similar to the QMJHL, for creating some amazing talent which has a significant impact in the NHL level. Gamers for example Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Eric Lindros, and something of my own faves, John Tavares, have performed within the OHL making their mark within the NHL.

As the OHL has a 68 game agenda for 20 teams, the league does a very good job of arranging games running mostly from Thursday with the weekend. Because most gamers taking part within the OHL are aged 15-20, there can certainly be some arranging conflicts with a person’s school schedule. However, you shouldn’t be misled because a few of these kids still need to attend school making room to constantly enhance their hockey game.

For me, the OHL consistently produces gamers which are all-around skilled gamers. Leagues for example &ldquoThe Q&rdquo happen to be noted for creating offensive super-stars, however the OHL appears to provide gamers which are very well-rounded. Despite the fact that the 3 major junior hockey leagues differ when it comes to their particular styles, each one of the three leagues hasn’t unsuccessful to create a plethora of talent for NHL teams around The United States.

6.) Slovak Extraliga (Tipsport Extraliga) – The Slovak Extraliga began in 1993 after Czechoslovakia put into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Despite the fact that the Slovakian league was area of the Czech Extraliga before 1993, the split has exercised well for sides because the Czech Republic and Slovakia still produce quality NHL gamers. Probably the most notable Slovakian gamers to possess a huge effect on the NHL are Pavol Demitra, Zigmund Palffy, Zdeno Chara, Marian Hossa, and Marian Gaborik. As the Slovakian league is rather new, the play from the Slovakian National teams in the Winter Olympic games and also the World Junior Hockey Championship continues to be difficult to ignore and contains occurred apparent that Slovakian hockey is trending upward.

The Slovakian league is just composed of 10 teams, however the league comes with an interesting aspect into it because it enables the Slovakian U20 Junior team to experience in certain regular season games. As the Slovakian Junior Team (HK Orange 20) cannot compete within the 2010 nfl playoffs and certain contests, another teams within the league compete for just one of eight playoff spots. Similar to the NLA and DEL, the Slovak Extraliga has already established one team (HC Slovan Bratislava) win 5 titles within the last ten years, but has additionally had other teams (HC Kosice) which have won multiple titles during the last decade.

5.) Czech Extraliga (Tipsport Extraliga) – The Czech Extraliga is among the best ice hockey leagues in Europe Czech Hockeyand is presently rated through the IIHF because the third most powerful ice hockey league in Europe. The league seemed to be founded in 1993 following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and also the Czech’s cash to exhibit for when it comes to talent led towards the NHL.

Gamers in the Czech Republic make their method to the NHL each year and lots of of individuals gamers have experienced a shot at playing within the Czech Extraliga. You will find presently 50-plus Czech’s within the National Hockey League with gamers for example Roman Hamrlik and Tomas Fleischmann adding to NHL rosters, it’s apparent the Czech Republic and also the Czech Extraliga has a knack for developing gifted all-around hockey gamers.

The Czech Extraliga has 4 more teams compared to Slovak Extraliga, however the league formatting also adds interesting elements to the audiences. Just the top 6 teams result in the 2010 nfl playoffs, however the teams that finish seventh – tenth compete against one another for a opportunity to advance towards the quarterfinals against among the top 6 teams. For teams that finish eleventh – 14th, individuals teams have to compete against one another, using the loser from the group facing the very best team in the Czech Republic’s First League. Because the Czech Extraliga utilizes a relegation/promotion system, the underside team within the Extraliga is going to be susceptible to relegation towards the First League if they’re not able to conquer the very best seeded team in the latter league.

Similar to the Slovakians, the Czechs have help with strong showings in the last Winter Olympic games along with the 2012 WJHC. It is no wonder the Czechs happen to be delivering outstanding experience a national level also it should not be a shock to fans that behind American and Canadian gamers, Czechs would be the third-most populated group within the NHL.

4.) SM-liiga – Finland’s top professional ice-hockey league, SM-liiga, is regarded as through the IIHF because the second most powerful league in most of Europe. Hockey’s recognition in Finland has skyrocketed and thus has got the country’s success in the worldwide level. Most lately, the U20 Finnish Team managed to get completely towards the semi-final round against Team Sweden on the planet Junior Hockey Championship, but ultimately lost in a thrilling game.

The SM-liiga continues to be thriving because it required over hockey duties in Finland in the SM-sarja in 1975. Viewership, support, and the amount of hockey play in Finland has significantly elevated during the last three and a half decades and also the SM-liiga also keeps producing NHL-quality talent. The Finnish league is composed of 14 teams that compete for just one of ten playoff spots in a length of 60 regular season games, using the top six teams instantly entering the quarter-final stage. The Czech Extraliga and SM-liiga make use of the same playoff format because the seventh-tenth seed products contend with one another for a opportunity to meet among the 6 quarter-final participants.

The SM-liiga also adds a significant amount of talent towards the NHL plus some of Finland’s most highly recommended prospects for example Mikael Granlund and Teemu Pulkkinen, are going to make their mark within the NHL certainly one of nowadays. Gifted NHLers for example Mikko Koivu, Teemu Selanne, and Saku Koivu counseled me items from the SM-liiga and the way forward for the league is really as vibrant as always as lengthy because it keeps creating such amazing talent.

3.) Elitserien (Swedish Elite League &ldquoSEL&rdquo) – The Swedish Elite League consists of 12 teams that play a 55 game schedule. Similar to the Czech Extraliga and SM-liiga, the Swedish Elite League has a system that rewards a team 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points to have an overtime win, and 1 point to have an overtime loss. The very best eight of 12 teams reach the 2010 nfl playoffs, however the format from the first playoff round is a bit interesting because the top three-seeded teams reach pick their opponent from the bottom-seeded teams for that first round.

Elitserien also utilizes a relegation and promotion system because the bottom seeded teams within the SEL are pitted from the top teams in Sweden’s second tier league, HockeyAllsvenskan. The relegation series that is named Kvalserien determines who definitely are consigned towards the second tier league and who definitely are marketed towards the Elite League.

Sweden has experienced massive hockey success lately with an worldwide level, winning gold in the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship and also the 2006 Winter Olympic games. Apart from Saab, Volvo, ABBA, and Ikea, the Swedes happen to be making quite an effect around the NHL world too. With names for example Nicklas Lidstrom, Daniel & Henrik Sedin, Henrik Zetterberg, and Johan Franzen adding at a higher level within the NHL, it is no wonder why the Swedes have centered the hockey world during the last five years.

2.) Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) – The Kontinental Hockey League is broadly considered no. 2 towards the NHL. The KHL can also be regarded as because the most powerful ice-hockey league in most of Europe and Russian gamers constitute nearly all gamers within the league. Since its founding in 2008, the KHL features 24 teams (6 per division), with 8 from the top seeded teams in every division making the 2010 nfl playoffs. The KHL playoff structure is very like the NHL format and also the top two teams from each division compete for that Gagarin Cup in the finish from the 2010 nfl playoffs.

Why is the KHL so interesting is it holds a number of gamers from different skills and nations. You will find presently a total of 701 KHL gamers from 14 different nations with 24 teams within the league, your competition needs to be top-notch. Despite the fact that the KHL has a wide selection of talent playing in the ranks and may offer lucrative contracts to hockey gamers, the ecu league cannot match the recognition and marketing strength in our Only, the NHL!

1.) National Hockey League (NHL) - What’s left to become stated about a league which was founded in 1917 and developed a business that’s not yet been beaten? Well, I believe a whole bunch might be stated about this.

Many hockey gamers overseas as well as in The United States see the NHL because the last and many important stay in their careers. Lucrative contracts, media exposure, and a opportunity to win hockey’s ultimate prize, The almighty Stanley’s Cup, are some of the factors that drive certain gamers to really make it towards the NHL stage. With 30 teams within the league, the NHL is certainly bigger when it comes to depth compared to KHL and it has perhaps the very best talent from around the globe competing for just one trophy.

Although some might reason that the NHL grants or loans probably the most contact with hockey gamers in The United States, the Stanley Cup and it is history established fact around the world. Probably the most gifted gamers to create an effect within the NHL happen to be developed overseas, however the NHL still stands unrivaled within the pantheon of hockey leagues.

Top 10 hockey teams in the world1 Top 10 hockey teams in the world

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