Most Famous Top German Soccer Players of All Time


Most German soccer players follow the prototype of the strong, athletic and tactically knowledgeable footballer and despite having some exceptions throughout time, it’s this type of players that made Germany reach 7 World Cup finals, winning three of them.

With any other country, their national heroes in what regards soccer are usually strikers, attacking midfielders or wingers, since, let’s face it, the defender’s role doesn’t shine out as much as that of an attacker.

No one will remember a defender sweeping a ball of his own line as powerfully as they’ll remember a striker’s important goal.

Franz Beckenbauer or Lothar Matthaus are considered some of Germany’s legendary players and guess what, they were both defenders or defensive midfielders as was the case of Matthaus, and for a while Beckenbauer. One of the few exceptions to this “rule” is Uwe Seeler, who was a gifted striker for Hamburger SV and for the West Germany national team.

In addition, another two famous German soccer players are Sepp Maier and Oliver Kahn, who are both goalkeepers. But enough theory work and more information I hear you say. So here’s a short overview of some of these famous German soccer players. (You can find more players from other nationalities at the Famous Soccer Players section).

For today’s German national soccer players, Oliver Kahn was what Sepp Maier was for his national side between 1966 and 1978. His ferociousness and presence of spirit in goal, coped with his solid frame make him a goalkeeper no striker will eagerly engage in a duel with.

His portfolio is equally impressive as his skills, since he won 7 German league titles, 5 German cups, and the UEFA Cup, Champions League and Intercontinental Cup once each. He was also named Best Goalkeeper of the Year in 1999, 2001 and 2002, with a runner-up position in 2000.

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